Working Groups

When everyone is accountable for something, no one is actually accountable. We use the Working Groups - small teams of 2-8 Members - to ensure people are accountable for what they sign up to do.
​We keep Working Groups extremely small on purpose - two pizza teams are how things get built. As a Member, you’re welcome to join any Working Group that is accepting new contributors.
​Each Working Group has a dedicated Project Lead. They are the CEO of the Working Group. They have ultimate decision making authority, control of the project budget, and are responsible for shipping as soon as possible.
We currently have 4 perpetual working groups:

The Bounty Working Group

Mission: Source bounties and manage the bounty program.
Lead: Pratik Dholani

The Reputation Working Group

Mission: Develop new avenues for contribution and manage the reputation system.
Lead: Srijani

The Host Committee

Mission: Welcome new people into the community and ensure ease of collaboration.
Lead: Scriblooooor

The Grants Committee

Mission: To support builders across the Solana ecosystem through equity-free grants.
Lead: Neil
​To join a Working Group, take a look through the Discord channels and DM the Project Lead with ideas on how you can help.