Community GDP

Our North Star metric

What is Community GDP?

The Community GDP is our North Star metric. It captures the total amount of earning opportunities community members have created for each other. These opportunities may come in the form of bounties, jobs, grants, or other ad hoc work.

Why We Focus on Community GDP

First, the obvious reason: we believe that working (rather than speculating) in crypto is the best way to gain financial freedom. Focusing on how much our community earns - and orienting the structure of the community in that direction - is fundamental. Second, the less obvious reason: measuring earnings is the closest we can get to measuring the value created by the community. Just as GDP is an imprecise measure of an economy, Community GDP is an imprecise measure of our community. But, like with traditional economies, it's the closest we can get to seeing how productive we are.

How to Contribute to Community GDP

If you earned through an opportunity created by another person in the Superteam community, you'e eligible to contribute to the Community GDP. Simply fill in this short form (~20 seconds) to get started.
Contributing to Community GDP is the highest value thing a Superteam member can do. That's why every week we celebrate earners on the Community Call and have an entire Discord channel (#good-news) dedicated to recognizing earners.
Check out our Community Earnings here.