Core Values

We value the sovereignty that comes with founding a company, the skin in the game that comes with investing, and the joy that comes with getting sh*t done. In a pre-crypto world, we had to fit into broiler categories. Web3 allows us to be free-range.
We've built our community on the following core values:

1. Ownership Economy

People who help create value should capture a piece of it. We see crypto as a profound tool to create and distribute wealth in the most meritocratic way at a time of historic wealth inequality. Less rent-seeking, more ownership.

2. Permissionless Work

Make it easy for people contribute and get out of their way. Reduce middle management, recruiters and bureaucracy.

3. Work Flexible Hours

The industrial era is over. It is time for us to take control of our own work. Work the hours you want as long as you deliver. You’re accountable to the community, not to a middle manager. The more you do, the more you own.

4. Work Remotely

Moving to a city and leaving your friends and family to find a job is a thing of the past. Time Zone is the new location. All you need to do is be available on Discord, Crypto Twitter, Slack, and email.

5. Community GDP as a North Star

The core contributors are in service of using the resources of the collective (capital, distribution, time etc.) in nurturing community GDP — the total wealth generated for the members of the group.

6. Fluid Squads > Calcified Structures

Leadership, if any is ephemeral — for the duration and scope of the mission.

7. Multi Chain Future

While we're committed to the growth of the Solana network, we believe in a multi-chain future. Please leave maximalism at the door. We see Solana as critical infrastructure needed to create an open, financial internet and get a billion people to self-custody their private keys.

8. Decentralisation means More Leaders

Decentralisation means an abundance of leadership, not a lack of it. We acknowledge that every great company or project had the stewardship of a good leader — and our goal is to create many leaders who can ship value to the world, using the DAO’s common resources as a springboard to bring their ideas to life.

9. Forking > Voting

We must prioritise the creative autonomy of project teams rather than impose the burden of consensus on them. We view disagreements as opportunities to fork and start something, while ensuring a positive sum outcome for all involved rather than as opportunities to vote and impose the views of the majority on the collective. Forking Superteam should be seen as a collaborative, rather than a competitive move.