How to Contribute

A community that ships together, stays together. This is a guide to how you can get involved within Superteam and help your fellow members/contributors.
Contribution Paths within Superteam

Ship cool shit on Solana

Solana is the fun chain and there’s a ton of cool stuff that you can ship on it. Check out open bounties from a bunch of cool projects from the ecosystem and apply for grants if you have an idea of your own. Want to join a team full-time? Find jobs and internships on Superteam Earn.
Open contests for work. Typically completed in less than a few days with first prizes of $1,000+
These can be deep dive essays, graphic design work and even product reviews you can do over the weekend. Find open Superteam bounties here.
Equity-free grants to support builders across the Solana ecosystem. Applications take less than 15 minutes, approval decisions come within 48 hours.
Have an idea? Apply for a grant here.
Don’t have an idea for one? Check out Superteam Build for inspiration!
Jobs and Internships
Don’t have a project of your own? Join a team! Check out Superteam Earn - the one place for every Solana-based earning opportunity!

Help Superteam members

A community that ships together stays together. Superteam projects are first and foremost community-driven and there are a bunch of ways in which you can help fellow members and contributors.
Helping Open-sourced Superteam projects
In the spirit of letting the sauce flow, a bunch of Superteam projects are open-sourced and waiting for you to start contributing.
Check out the entire Superteam GitHub here, check out a project that you find interesting, raise a PR/issue and start earning that XP (and even join Superteam if you are a Lurker).)
Contributing to WIP Grant Projects
Keep an eye out on the #help-wanted channel in our Discord - most leads tag skill-based roles when they are looking for someone. Note: These opportunities are ephemeral and typically close out in less than a day.

Help Superteam grow

Superteam is built by the people in the community. If you want to lend a hand, host an event or join in on the fun, check out these tasks you can pick up and start earning that XP!
(the ideas are not limited to this list and you can always come up with your own. DM @scriblooooor if you have one!)
Community Ops/Strategy
  • Introducing Pratik Dholani (Lead, Superteam Earn) to a Project that Sponsors a Bounty: 100 XP
  • Greeting a New Member in a 1:1 call: 5 XP
  • Hosting/Managing a Virtual Event with 6+ Attendees: 25 XP
  • Hosting/Managing an IRL Event with 6+ Attendees: 75 XP
  • Mentorship at a Solana Hackathon/Hackerhouse: 50XP
  • Hype Video (Accepted and Published): 250 XP
  • Creating a Notion page header: 15 XP
  • Contributing to the Superteam Newsletter: 25 XP
  • Writing a crypto-centric long-form essay: 80 XP
  • Writing a crypto-centric twitter thread: 40 XP
For more information about how the Reputation System works and how you can earn XP, refer to the resource below: