The Superteam Handbook

Using Discord

Discord can be a scary and overwhelming place. This guide aims to make clear how to get the most out of the Superteam server.

​​🙂 General Etiquette:

​​Tagging Roles:
  • ​​Don't tag the @Member role unless you have a very, very, very strong reason to do so. It's irritating to other Members.
  • ​​Feel free to tag particular roles (e.g. @Designer, @Developer, @Marketer, @Writer, etc) in the #help-wanted channel.
  • ​​Get your own role by going to #intros and looking at the Pinned Message
​​Use Threads:
  • ​​Channels are not great for persistent conversations. You get interrupted by other people, or your messages about a certain topic may get left behind. That's why we strongly encourage you to use threads.
  • ​​Here's how to create a public thread for the discussion​
  • ​​If you think your response will require another response from someone, create a thread instead of responding in the main channel.
  • ​​To check threads in a channel, click on the Threads icon in the upper right of Discord (looks like a hashtag)
DMing Effectively:

​​📺 Channel Guide

​​Here are a few key channels to monitor and get familiar with.
  • ​​When asking for help, be specific as possible about the scope of the project, the timeline, and the compensation.
  • ​​When responding to a help request, try starting a thread to ask any follow up questions or indicate you're going to DM someone
  • ​​Suggest ideas on how we can improve things at the DAO.
  • ​​These might be process improvements, policy suggestions, or general feedback on life within the DAO
  • ​​Share the best tweets, articles, and videos you come across.
  • ​​Ideally, include a short excerpt, quote, or bit of text explaining why you found the link you're sharing to be interesting
  • ​​Used for voice chats. We encourage you to use this when talking with others so that other Members can sit in/contribute ideas where appropriate.