Using Discord

Discord can be a scary and overwhelming place. This guide aims to make clear how to get the most out of the Superteam server.

​​🙂 General Etiquette:

​​Tagging Roles:
  • ​​Don't tag the @Member role unless you have a very, very, very strong reason to do so. It's irritating to other Members.
  • ​​Feel free to tag particular roles (e.g. @Designer, @Developer, @Marketer, @Writer, etc) in the #help-wanted channel.
  • ​​Get your own role by going to the #role-self-assign channel
​​Use Threads:
  • ​​Channels are not great for persistent conversations. You get interrupted by other people, or your messages about a certain topic may get left behind. That's why we strongly encourage you to use threads.
  • ​​If you think your response will require another response from someone, create a thread instead of responding in the main channel.
  • ​​To check threads in a channel, click on the Threads icon in the upper right of Discord, next to the channel description.
DMing Effectively:

​​📺 Channel Guide

Here are a few key channels to monitor and get familiar with.
Introduce yourself here to the group. This is the best way to tell everyone about yourself and how awesome you are!
When asking for help, be specific as possible about the scope of the project, the timeline, and the compensation.
When responding to a help request, try starting a thread to ask any follow-up questions or indicate you're going to DM someone.
Share the best tweets, articles, and videos you come across.
Ideally, include a short excerpt, quote, or a bit of text explaining why you found the link you're sharing to be interesting
This is where we talk about everything events - IRL as well as URL.
Share events you’re going to, plan events if you want to host a dinner or get the latest scoop about where the party is happening soon!
#dev-talk & #design-talk
These are domain-specific channels where like-minded gigadevs and designers get together to talk about their respective crafts.
Used for voice chats. We encourage you to use this when talking with others so that other Members can sit in/contribute ideas where appropriate. Wednesdays Watch Parties also happen here!