The Superteam Handbook

Essential Resources

A few important links to get you started

Start Learning:

  • ​Twitter - The Superteam Twitter
  • ​Website - Our homepage
  • ​Substack - The Superteam Blog
  • ​Podcast - Focused around web3 and crypto in India. Also on Spotify​
  • ​Ground Zero - Learn about the basics of the crypto ecosystem
  • ​Superteam Talent Resources - Curated resources to help you start learning, working and earning in Web3, whether it’s your first job ever or just your first job in crypto.

Start Earning:

  • ​Superteam Earn - Every earning opportunity in the Solana ecosystem
  • ​Discord - Where most of the super-action happens

Start Building:

  • ​Apply for an Instagrant - Receive equity-free funding from our grant partners. Applying takes 15 minutes, decisions are typically given within 48 hours.
  • ​Work with Superteam - If you need help on your Solana project, reach out!