The Superteam Handbook

The Reputation System

​In our community, being able to know who to trust and who has proven shipping abilities is essential. Our (work-in-progress) Reputation System captures Member contributions and gives them XP so that Project Leads know which Members are reliable.

How are XPs allocated?

They are allocated on the basis of a simple formula: XP = (Effort) * (Importance).
​Effort is determined by the amount of time you worked on a project. However, measuring only the number of hours you worked would incentivize doing busywork, which we don’t want. For that reason, we multiply the amount of time you invested by an Importance Multiplier.
​The Importance multiplier is inherently subjective. Currently, it is determined by the Core Contributors, though over time the community as a whole will be more involved.
​The multiplier is a number ranging from 1.0 to 4.0. A low multiplier is applied to projects that are useful but not ground-breaking, while a high multiplier is given for critical or impactful projects.
​The following factors may increase the XP multiplier score:
  • ​Project team's suggested XP multiplier (self-reported)
  • ​Impact of the project
  • ​Visibility of the project
  • ​Benefits to the community
  • ​Complexity of the project
  • ​Reach of the project
  • ​Reception of the project
  • ​Bringing in more talent to the community
  • ​Creating more business in the future for community members
​The Reputation Leaderboard showcases the top contributors by skillset. Members with a lot of XP get asked to join high-paying and highly interesting projects. You can also use your XP in Superteam as a credential for working in Web3 more broadly.

XP sources:

There are five sources of XP. Every XP entry has a skillset and a number attached to it. Accordingly, totals will give you per-skill XP and sum of sums will give you the Total XP. This XP number is will be used by sponsors, partners and other members for relevant decision making.

1. Bounties

  • Type: Fixed and one-time XP, available for participating in a bounty, winning a bounty, or reviewing a bounty.
  • XP processed automatically upon closing of a bounty, i.e. scoring being completed.
  • Find open bounties here.

2. Indie Contribution

  • Type: Generally, fixed and one-time XP.
  • Indie contributions come in many shapes and forms. Some have pre-decided XP and are listed in our documentation, while the rest need to be applied for specifically. Once they’re claimed, XP is approved and awarded on a weekly basis by the appropriate designated reviewers. Examples include certain OSS contribution, activity on the Solana StackExchange, open design tasks, referrals, hosting events, etc.
  • Claim XP for an Indie contribution using this form.

3. Project Contribution

  • Type: Variable and one-time XP, awarded once the project is shipped and marked as completed.
  • For each project, team members fill in the project retrospective form once work is completed to log their work. The Project Lead then divides up the XP among the team members based on their contribution, its quality, and its relevance in the project.
    E.g., A’s, B’s and C’s contribution was 50%, 20%, 30% of the project accordingly.
  • Reputation Lead will then add a multiplier to the final XP allocated.
XPawarded = ProRataContribution * Total Project XP * Multiplier
  • Claim XP and submit your retrospective feedback for projects using this form.

4. Community sub-orgs

  • These are working groups that have a fixed mandate for a limited period that exceeds 1 month. This includes Community Advisory Boards and other sub-Orgs. XP here is generally recurring (monthly), and variable (based on contribution).
  • XP is allocated at the end of ever month by the sub-org lead. The Reputation Team might assist with XP allocation but decisions of the Lead here shall be final.

5. Superteam Braintrust

  • Many members receive grants to do Community-focused work full-time or part-time. For them fixed XP shall be automatically granted on a recurring basis at the end of every month.
  • XP to be received per month is determined by the Tier of work, which are as follows:
    • Full-time work: 700 XP
    • Project leads: 500 XP
    • Part-time work and other assistance: 250 XP
  • Grantees shall start receiving XP once their contracts are effective.

XP allocations by frequency:

  1. 1.
    One-time: For one-time contributions If the contribution was one-time then an appropriate XP is given, once the work is finished.
  2. 2.
    Recurring basis (monthly): If the contribution is often repeatable over a longer period of time, then an appropriate amount of XP is allocated based on its impact and criticality.

XP allocations by amount:

  1. 1.
    Fixed: Some contributions, those which are fairly certain in scope before the work is started (E.g. pre-defined OSS contribution, bounty submission, etc.) have fixed claimable XP.
  2. 2.
    Variable: Certain contributions will have a variable amount of XP depending on various factors involved in the work.

XP allocations by skill:

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Operations: This is a special category skillset, which was carved out for members/contributors running the Community.
  6. 6.
    Strategy: This is for members/contributors who help figure out the best ways to approach the given work with clear goals, expectations, and outcomes, with aid on how to execute it.

Note: If this feels a bit confusing right now, don’t worry. You’ll get more used to it as you contribute more to the community.