Bounty Program FAQ

Participation Process:
  • How can I participate in the bounty program?
    Use the form linked at the top of the bounty page and select the bounty you are applying for.
The Bounty Submission Form is linked at the top of the bounty page
  • Will we receive an email confirming your application?
    Yes, an email will be sent out confirming your participation.
  • Which wallet address do I need to provide in the application form?
    You need to provide your Solana private wallet address (For eg: Phantom) to be eligible for the rewards unless stated otherwise. Do not submit exchange addresses as your tokens could be lost.
  • When working in teams, do I need to include the discord ID of my team member in the form?
    Yes. You can only include the Discord ID of your team member at the time of submitting your entry. No edits will be permitted after submission, and XP will be allocated only against the IDs mentioned in the submission form.
  • Can I make changes to my submission after submitting it?
    You are allowed to edit your submission(s) only before the deadline. Any modifications made after the deadline will result in disqualification, and you will lose your XP.
  • Do I need to post my submission on Twitter?
    While it’s not mandatory, we would recommend tweeting out your work so that:
    • we can further share the best entries, and
    • its easier for partner projects to discover you

Bounty Rewards

  • What are the perks of winning a bounty?
    • Bounty winners are awarded the designated prize pool.
    • The sponsors can also offer additional perks depending on the type of bounty.
    • Certain bounties also offer an invitation to become a Superteam Member/Contributor for the winners. Please refer to the bounty perks for more information.
    Bounty Rewards
    • Winners and participants also receive Superteam XP. Please be informed that XP for bounty wins and participation will only be awarded when and if you've been invited to the community in any capacity.
  • How can I get the member/contributor role via the bounty program?
    Certain bounties offer an invitation to become a Superteam Member/Contributor, which is awarded to the first/second/third place winners, depending on the type of bounty
  • Do all bounties provide membership as a perk?
    Not all bounties offer community membership as a perk. Some bounty rewards are limited to the prize pool.
  • How do we manage rewards for teams?
    If you participate as a team, only the wallet address specified in the application form will receive the reward(s). However, you are free to divide the reward among your team members as you see fit.

Announcements & Notifications:

  • How are winners announced?
    We typically announce winners in our #earn channel 7-10 days after a bounty is closed. Moreover, we will also notify you via email if you’ve been selected as a winner.

XP Allocation

  • How much XP can I receive for participating in the bounty program?
    XP allocation is as follows:
    • 1st Place: 50 XP
    • 2nd Place: 25 XP
    • Participation: 10 XP
    If you participate in teams, XP will be distributed evenly between members.
    Please be informed that XP for bounty wins and participation will only be awarded when and if you've been invited to the community in any capacity.


  • What is our plagiarism policy?
    Submissions with over 15% plagiarism will be immediately disqualified, and repeat offenders will be permanently barred from participating in bounties. In addition, you may also lose your XP. We strongly recommend that all participants check their submissions for plagiarism before submitting to prevent disqualification.
  • Can the deadlines be extended?
    Only the sponsor has the authority to extend the deadline, in case of which the participants will be informed through our Discord. However, in all other cases, the deadlines cannot be changed.
  • What happens if you have already submitted your bounty and the deadline is extended?
    If no changes are required for your submissions, no further action is necessary. However, if you wish to make any edits, you may do so before the new deadline.
  • If your prize includes an invitation to become a Superteam Member, who would get the role?
    All teammates will get the role promised!

Bounty Evaluation

  • How are winners decided?
    Typically, sponsors conduct bounty reviews. However, In situations where their bandwidth is limited, an internal review committee is set up within Superteam to evaluate the bounty and select the winners. This committee comprises of winners of past bounties, people with high reputation within the community, etc.
  • What does the Brain Trust review process look like?
    • Each member of the Brain Trust selects their top 5 submissions based on their quality and ranks them accordingly.
    • The submission(s) with the highest number of points or votes is/are declared the winner(s).

Bounty Referral

  • How can I refer a sponsor for the bounty program? You can reach out to @abbas on Twitter or Discord and make an introduction.


  • How are sponsors selected for the bounty program?
    Any Solana project can reach out and request to sponsor a bounty through our website. We aim to provide an ecosystem wide service available to all Solana teams.